l’Opificio@MAISON&OBJET MARCH 2022

New Trends

Maison&Objet special edition in March 2022 just ended.

An edition brighten up by a beautiful springtime sunshine that allow us all, ehibitors and visitors, to experiment a total new way of participation.

We presented 4 new textile collections for upholstery and interiors: Montagna Magica design by Elisa Seitzinger, Viceversa, Viceversa Monet and the restyling of Il Velluto di Lino collection.

The stand that framed the new collections, styled by architect Bruno Tarsia, wanted to be an hymn to joy and positivity, ad we are really pleased for your overwelming reaction. Thank you to you all!

The exhibition stand was dressed with the mural paint PIT2101 Curry from l’Opificio Mural Paint collection developed with Wilson&Morris. A trend colour with blue, terracotta, apricot, kaki, eucalyptus and mallow.

A stroll at the fair catching the new trends
At this historical point of time, to catch the new trends is not that easy, as the boomers like to follow the trends, the millennials on the contrary have a more personal approach to interior design and prefer to create their own style.
To summarise we could say that is not a question of total look anymore, but of a mix and match where vintage pieces, styles, artisanal pieces, colours and patterns are combined in a personal and eclectic way, as in fashion.

Macro Trends
We can though confirm that one of the macro trends is inspired by nature, which in the textile world means a comeback to natural fibres.
Viceversa, Viceversa Monet, Montagna Magica and Velluto di Lino collections want to be exactly this: a hymn to nature for the pattern chosen and the threads used.
Montagna Magica is a collection inspired by the imaginative fascination of the mountain walks showing the botanical and animal elements.
Viceversa, Viceversa Monet represent in the weft the solids and voids of the rocks, the light and shadow of the moss and their texture.
With the new Velluto di Lino collection we celebrate the most sustainable natural fibre.

The other fundamental macro trend of the moment is sustainability, in fact the theme of this edition was “Sustainable Luxury”.
We like to live in comfortable homes, but healthy too, furnished with products of which we know the production chain, respectful of nature.

Finally, the last macro trend sees the return of demand for durable goods, in recent times left aside in favour of “fast fashion” approach even in furniture.


We can only be happy that the cornerstones of l’Opificio philosophy: to produce long-lasting textiles because of their quality, timeless because of the design, without formaldehyde, heavy metals or any other toxic substances for the people and the environment, are now in the consciousness of those who buy for their own homes. Only together we can make the difference!

As our future homes have to be healthy, comfortable and creative.




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