Grazie!! Thank you!! Merci! Thank you all for joining us at supersalone

The Textile Capsule Tour l’Opificio, an imaginary world rarefied and contemporary is the attraction of the supersalone, an innovative de-structured interpretation of the refined Textile, Home Couture and Wallpaper collections.

The clean architectural lines act as set design of the Textile, Home Couture and Wallpaper collections guiding us in an imaginary trip among shapes, colours and wefts. 

The still image of the Textile Capsule Tour, a place which is not a place, that frames the displayed design cushions, is the point of contact between the metaphysical world -  “where from an unclosed capsule an idea takes life and turns into substance, becoming weft and warp and then a precious textile that decors and enriches everyday spaces” – and reality, between a virtual world and the 3D materiality of the real object.

The Textile Capsule Tour, Visual Art Work by Visual Artist Stefania Bonatelli and CG Artist Augusto Alberti allows to explore and perceive the textile from an imaginary point of view. Weft and warps, threads and weaves are enhanced and exaggerated through the virtual tour  allowing the spectator for a unique one-shot experience.

The Capsules represented in the still life Set Design created by Bruno Tarsia and portrayed by the photographer Ilaria Corticelli, emphasizes the perception of shapes, wefts, colour and architectonical space. 



Exhibited Capsules at supersalone

TALIA_ designed by the designer Serena Confalonieri is a jacquard fabric collection that talks about femininity, humour and playfulness.

FIZZ_ designed by Barbara Bertoldo Art Director of the Maison, is a textured collection, in cotton chenille. It presents an extra-large interpretation of the classical Pied de Poule pattern.

HYPNOSE_ designed by Barbara Bertoldo, is a collection that speaks of opulence: the rich Medusa pattern is light up by metal flash in gold and silver lurex threads. The rich pattern is also declined in a Wallpaper.

LOOP_ designed by Barbara Bertoldo, is a viscose jacquard fabric. A micro pattern inspired by the tie fashion mood of the ‘50.



l'Opificio | Milano Design Week 2022

l’Opificio @ the 60th edition of Il Salone del Mobile.Milano

Enjoy l’Opificio 2022: Montagna Magica