l’Opificio for sustainability

From the encounter with Slow Food and other textile companies of the textile supply chain Slow Fiber is born.

To represent a positive change through a sustainable production process. It is with this aim that l’Opificio has decided, together with other companies of the textile production chain, to join Slow Food in the creation of Slow Fiber.

Since its foundation, l’Opificio has shared in its corporate objectives, to be a company attentive to sustainability. Special attention to the environment and people, which is reflected both in the choice of raw materials and production methods, and on a concept of luxury goods intended as superior quality products and durable over time, far from the idea of "fast use".

Presented on September 23rd, 2022, during Salone del Gusto-Terra Madre, Slow Fiber aims to disseminate knowledge of the impact that textile products have on the environment, on the workers in the supply chain and on the health of consumers in order to spread a new ethic and culture of clothing and furnishing.

By becoming part of this network of virtuous companies, l’Opificio becomes a spokesman for the values defined in the Slow Fiber Manifesto, concretely committing itself every day to make them more and more real and becoming a promoter of positive change.

About l’Opificio
l’Opificio uses only superior yarns of natural origin, from Italian spinning mills that select the fibers from the best farms and crops around the world, certified by international certifications.

All fabrics are free of harmful substances and formaldehyde, a highly toxic substance usually used in textile production. The Factory has decided to study alternative techniques to the use of this substance, to make fabrics for furniture of the highest quality in respect of the human being and the environment.

l’Opificio understands sustainability as a set of best practices in production, efficient use of energy, investment in circular economy activities to reduce waste and in a local textile chain. The peculiarity of the company, In fact, it is to contain in the walls of the factory the entire production chain with the result of greater quality control, but also a significant reduction in consumption, packaging and emissions from internal logistics processes.

Sustainability is finally an attitude towards its workers, with continuous training and enhancement of human capital, promotion of women’s work through flexible time management and attention to safety and health at work.



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