l’Opificio @ Maison&Objet January 2024

Where Sustainability Meets Beauty

Maison&Objet Paris 2024 has just concluded.
A vibrant edition, punctuated daily with surprises, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this event which remains a global benchmark for home decoration professionals.

Our participation in the 30th edition of Maison&Objet was an ode to Italian textile art, a tangible narrative of our dedication to quality and timeless elegance.

As a standard-bearer for Made in Italy, we presented an innovative stand, conceived from the creativity of Bruno Tarsia, architect and stylist.
The deliberately deconstructed configuration of the stand provided a stage for our creations, allowing the fabrics to claim their role as undisputed protagonists.

The exhibition was designed not just as a showcase, but as a living metaphor for the added value that each piece from l'Opificio carries: a perfect synthesis of refined aesthetics and durability.

Once again, we emphasized our commitment to sustainability and beauty, fundamental pillars of our corporate philosophy that intertwine in the textures of our furnishing fabrics.

The exhibition space stood out with a color palette ranging from shades of pink and red to blues, creating a welcoming environment rich in surprising perspectives.

Focus was on four top collections: the graphic 'Grid' by Roberta Borrelli, the evocative 'Les Intrigues' by Bruno Tarsia, the enchanted 'Montagna Magica' signed by Elisa Seitzinger, and the cutting-edge 'Tech Velvet', a super-performing material that redefines the boundaries of contemporary luxury. 

Bruno Tarsia also wanted to pay tribute to the brand's historical predilection for velvet, dedicating a space to our collections of Silk Velvet, Cotton Velvet, and Linen Velvet - fabrics that embody the pinnacle of quality and are celebrated as the non plus ultra in the industry.

l'Opificio's approach was consistent with the sustainability guidelines set by Maison&Objet. The metal structure, delicately framing our textile works, will be reused or recycled, in line with our company vision that sees eco-compatibility not as an option, but as an indispensable responsibility.

Since our foundation in 1998, we have placed a focus on sustainability as a corporate goal. A particular commitment to the environment and people, which is reflected in the choice of raw materials and production methods, and on a concept of luxury goods intended as superior quality products that last over time, far from the idea of "fast use".

Furthermore, with the aim of representing positive change through a sustainable production process, l'Opificio has decided, along with other companies in the textile industry, to join Slow Food in creating Slow Fiber, confident that the high aesthetic quality of the product does not disregard respect for the environment and mankind.





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l’Opificio @ Maison&Objet January 2024

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