Make your sofa the star of the living room

A short practical guide

Reupholstering your favorite sofa transforms your space substantially.

It is an important project to give a decorative twist and is often a valid solution to recover an aged but very comfortable sofa! At the same time, it will allow you to change the character of a room, from classic to modern, from elegant to informal.

But how many meters will be needed for the new covering?
In fact, there is no precise answer to this question, because it all depends on:
the type of fabric you choose and
the conditions of your sofa or armchair.

Before you can make an estimate of the amount of fabric needed, it is important to know two things: Fabric width: l'Opificio fabrics are generally 140 cm width, from selvedge to selvedge. (1m and 40). But be careful, because some fabrics are 130 or 135 cm wide and others offer a double width of 290 cm.

So, the first rule to follow is to check the width of the fabric, because this affects consumption.

Sofa and armchair are composed of backrest, seat, armrests and cushions.
These elements vary from model to model, so two apparently equal-sized sofas may require different amounts of fabric.
The second rule is to check exactly the type of sofa you want to cover.

Here are some suggestions to roughly calculate the necessary footage.

First of all you need to measure the sofa: length, width, depth and height. We must not forget the armrests, footrests and various accessories. We will use these measurements to calculate the fabric needed.

Approximately between 10 and 15 meters of fabric or velvet are needed, depending on the model, for a two-seater sofa, considering 6 meters per seat, if the sofa has removable cushions and has a standard size.

Sofas with a deeper seat will require more fabric.

The calculation also varies depending on whether the chosen fabric is a solid color or if it has a pattern to match.

In fact, a fabric with a design generally consumes about 10% / 15% more, depending on the ratio of the same.

Now, you have a first rough idea, the next step will be to contact a professional, namely:

1. our interior designers for the deco part by taking advantage of our interior design consultancy service

2. the upholsterer who will carry out the work. An expert upholsterer will indicate the precise extent of the work to be done according to the conditions of the sofa and the exact amount of fabric needed, making the most of the width of the fabric itself, thus containing any leftovers or using them efficiently.

Finally, if you want to search for the fabric yourself, in the section of our online shop dedicated to FABRICS | VELVETS With the help of the Color and Pattern search filters, you can easily select the fabric of interest.



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