Matteo Tampone “Tampone Process Oxidation on Velvet”

l’Opificio collabora con l’artista e designer torinese Matteo Tampone

Matteo Tampone, artist and designer Turinese, creator of MATstudio, he collaborates with companies in the industrial sector as well as with artisan firms for artistic direction, brand identity, interior design and retails. In parallel, he develops an independent research for the making of unique pieces and/or made-to-order.
At Maison & Objet, on l’Opificio Stand he will expose his new unique works MAPS which are the result of his research “Tampone Process Oxidation on Velvet”

He says: “I am fascinated by industrial archeology, the memory of working places which regenerate and are integrated with the rapid changing of the city”. Therefore a silk velvet cloth harbors the memory of metal scrap with the oxidation traces.
Its composition creates a resemblance of a neighborhood or of a square of an imaginary city. Rust represents the urban life in contrast with the luxurious surface of the silk velvet.

Paola Bertoldo, l’Opificio president says “When we talked about this project for the first time, I was immediately fascinated by the idea of bringing together industrial traces with the preciousness of our silk velvet, the latter being the result of a long and careful industrial process respectful of the fiber in order to obtain the final beauty of our textile. “I particularly appreciated the conceptual contrast between the rapid changing of a town and the timeless beauty of our best seller the silk velvet”.
The works on show are MAPS Quartiere and MAPS Piazza night and day.
With the same philosophy Matteo Tampone created a line of unique cushions for l’Opificio called MAPS. The collaboration between l’Opificio and Matteo Tampone allows to create also bespoke accents.



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