New Trends: Decorating with colours

This year home décor trend is using colour, nothing more than colours can revolutionise your interior.

red cushions

The choice of the colour is the first step to match home accessories and textiles.

One major trend for home decoration 2019: pastel colours. From light pink to mint green, the pastel colours break into the design. What is new? how you combine them in order to enhance one with the other, like the pale pink with the blue tones. Pastel colours are perfect for a minimal style as well as for a romantic interior, matching the taste of the most.

velvet pastel colors cushions
pastel color textile

For those who like strong and personal colours, the trend colour is red. Just add a decorative motif, a chair or a wall in a beautiful ruby colour, and you will have a very trendy interior. Perfect to match powder pink with details and patterns in stronger tones of pink or red.

Turquoise is among the colours 2019. A significant colour, used until today more as an accent in the interiors, now it is the base on which to play the entire interior. A very flexible shade, that mixes with any tone from light green to light blue. Can we suggest a very elegant match? Turquoise with grey.

turquoise cushions
red cushions
turquoise textile

Blue is another must of this year. Trends want it in striking tones, used for patterns and décor for funny and up to date living spaces. The perfect mix? Combined with green!

l’Opificio offers a wide range of colours that interprets today’s trends: strong and eclectic colours, soft and romantic shades perfect for any personality.


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