Colours, fabrics and materials in symbiosis with nature

When we think about mountains , we remind the images of a silent and majestic nature and of the chalets, the latter meaning a retreat and a place of our heart, where warmth, simplicity, friendship and relax are found.
The rooms are covered up with wood that for its texture, its scent and haptic allows us to create an intense physical as well as mental and psychological relation.

We feel embraced by a wellbeing feeling as we would return, somehow, to a lost naturality. Time slows down, the daily activities leave space to the simple things of life: a happy meal all together, the long afternoons spent chatting or doing sport in nature.
The same magic is found within l’Opificio Textiles of the Alpine Interiors collection , created to decorate these special interiors. Textured harmonies that remind of a story or a memory.
Colours and materials in symbiosis with nature, the research of a refined simplicity.

We use precious natural fibres as linen and wool for our alpine fabrics , with patterns that remind of the alpine culture like the wood carving, an applied art incredibly refined in its simplicity.

The inside melts into the outside Textiles that frame windows or glass walls viewing awesome landscapes. It is for this reason that we create and produce beautiful fabrics and velvets which are at the same time “respectful” as they are surrounding the beauty of nature.
Not forgetting the important function of the curtains in a mountain chalet which is to act as a barrier to the cold, as an isolating element.
Therefore, we find important decorative curtains, lined, that can blind the full window, and when used in a bed-room can act as black-out.
Finally, a further decorative touch can be made with the cushions.

A lot of cushions can make your sofa comfortable, welcoming and dramatic.
They can be the touch of colour that binds and brings out the harmony of the room, best representing the personality of the owner in a dialog of colours and atmosphere.
Because everything in a mountain chalet is a bit magical!



l’Opificio @ Slow Fiber

l’Opificio @ MilanoDesignWeek 2023

l’Opificio @ MilanoDesignWeek 2023