Summertime inspirations

l’Opificio soft furnishing makes your summery interior welcoming and refined

The perfume of the Mediterranean vegetation, the sun that lights up the landscape, the sand under the feet, the freshness of the aquamarine salt water, the blue sky: this is summer.

Who doesn’t dream of a seaside retreat where to forget about the chaotic city life? It is a place, quite and calm, where to enjoy precious moments of free time, a place where to find us again.

To dress a summer house means to bring inside the sun light and the sea breeze.

Renovating your home with a maritime touch it doesn’t mean to have to restore it, but to follow the right decorative suggestions.

tessuti mare
arredo tessile mare

Revamping curtains and soft furnishing, playing with colour on the walls, it can be sufficient to change your interior. The architecture of a holiday house looks for a liaison between inside and outside creating an airy and welcoming atmosphere.

Colour details reminding of the bougainvillea, of the orange blossom and of the brooms, which fulfil the interior with patterns and textures. Home accents that dress your sofa or your bed room with a refined and personal touch.

This is the right time to dress your summerhouseTextile for interiors, curtains, decorative cushions, and mural paints will make the difference for a summery and colourful space.

A vibrant touch can make the difference for a cool interior. l’Opificio soft furnishing are made of textile collections with natural fibres, fresh soft furnishing, expression of the best Italian aesthetic taste, they can change your home adapting to your style.

You can play along the pastel tones, fresh and cheerful, or follow suggestion published on Pinterest and focus on more structured textiles, and go after a colour scheme in mustard yellow or geometric forms.

Otherwise you can just plunge in the blue and get inspired by Jan Miro and his famous  peinture-poésie 1925. A dot in forget-me-not blue tone, under which small characters read: “ceci est la couleur de mes reves”




tessuti e velluti arredo mare
arredo mare tessuti



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