Inspirations for the summer

l’Opificio furnishing complement brings the joy of summer in the summer interiors

The scents of the Mediterranean maquis, the sun that illuminates the landscape, the silvery sand under the feet, the freshness of the aquamarine sea, the blue sky: this is summer.

Who doesn’t dream of a house by the sea  where to forget the noise and chaos of the city? A place to enjoy the precious moments of free time and find yourself.

Watchword: calm, neutrality and naturalness How? interiors plenty of sunlight and natural accents or bright colors, so that our spaces remain an enclave of optimism, nature and relaxation.

Furnishing a house by the sea  means bringing inside the warmth of the sun and the freshness of the sea breeze.

It is not necessary to start long renovations, to give a summer touch to the house, just follow the right furnishing tips playing with the wall colors and accessories  and you’re done.
The typical architecture of the houses by the sea tries to create a link between inside and outside, with comfortable and airy environments. And the most typical marine-style furniture, inspired by the beach, is based on natural light, a soft palette in which blue and light blue cannot miss, an airy atmosphere, natural textures and some objects and motifs related to the beach or the sea.

Renewing fabrics and textile accessories  and playing with color strokes on the walls can be enough to change the look and atmosphere.

Colour details reminiscent of bougainvillea, orange blossom and fragrant broom complete the rooms with their patterns and textures. Furnishing accents that dress your sofa or your bedroom with a comfortable and summery touch.

Furnishing fabrics, curtains, decorative cushions and wall paintings  are the details to work on to bring a summer and colorful atmosphere to the interior. An injection of color can give a lash of unsurpassed freshness inside.

l’Opificio furnishing accessories are made of fabrics in natural fibers , fresh furnishing accessories, which best express the aesthetic and refined Italian taste, interpreting each time your interior in a different way.

You can play with a scale of pastel tones in fresh and bright shades : colors that can be found in nature or pink, in its shades closer to terracotta than peony.

We can then imitate the regenerative influence of nature by introducing elements in natural wood, linen, bamboo, rattan, wicker. The imperfect and textured consistency of these materials adds depth and visual freshness to the environments.

Structured textiles are an essential part of these interiors. With their texture, visual structure and feel to the touch, they become fundamental elements for a cozy interior.

Otherwise, we opt for an explosion of colors and patterns!
Color blocks, painting effects, mix of geometric patterns and floral prints, play with textures, velvets and patterned fabrics and the joy effect is assured.

How to do it?
First you need to decide which colors to focus on and its intensity. Let’s start with fun accents, such as pillows or a carpet on a neutral background. We creatively mix colors and patterns. We then introduce wall colors and wallpaper and why not, we paint the frames of doors and windows in a bold color.

When dressing our holiday home, however, let’s try not to follow the seasonal trends too much, only the interiors with their own personality stand the test of time.

We must above all pay attention to the pieces of furniture that will remain with us for a longer period of time. We are becoming more and more aware of our impact on the environment and therefore more sensitive to a sustainable development, so, for our holiday home too, better to choose versatile and durable furniture and decorations that can play a more practical role as well.

Or ... let’s dive into the blue and be inspired by Joan Mirò and his famous 1925 peinture-poésie. A spot of forget-me-nots color under which small sharp letters say "ceci est la couleur de mes reves" .



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