Sustainability and Textiles

Designing and producing furnishing textile respectful of the environment

In 1987 Gro Harlem Brutland, author of the “Our Common Future” report gave a definition of sustainable development saying that a sustainable development is that
“development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." We cannot talk about sustainability, if we ignore this basic concept, which is fundamental for a way of life in social and economic terms.
Ending our conversation with the upholsterer Gabriele Druetta, he said how textile has been the first technological product of humanity and how, since then and up today, it has always been seen as almost a row material, it means an element we cannot make without.
We cannot ignore that the textile industry, is an industry that has a heavy ecological footprint. It means it is an industry that uses much energy, uses a lot of water and produces quite a lot CO2
Since the beginning in 1998, l’Opificio has set precise objectives in terms of sustainability:

• The first choice was to design and produce long-lasting textile collections, in terms of style and collection life, to keep away from the rhythm imposed by the consumerism that quickly use up any product.
• The choice to create circular interactive collections, implying to use the creativity as a mean for a continuous dialog between the existing and the new, therefore avoiding to make patterns already included in the collections, obsolete.
• The choice to favour natural fibres, which, as the linen for example, uses less water during the production process, and generally speaking use less energy.
• The choice to use advanced purification systems to return the water used during the production process totally purified.
• The choice to totally ban the use of human health damaging substances like formaldehyde or heavy metals.
• The choice to use fibres produced by certified companies for the respectful treatment of animals.

We are full of pride for creating and producing jacquard fabric and velvet collection 100% Made in Italy, as we are keeping alive a tradition of excellence and unparallel sense for aesthetics. To know that we produce respecting the human being and the environment make us feel part of a vision where we do not forget the future generations and on the contrary push us further in our dedication.



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