Textile Capsule

A dialog between a Visual Artist and the textile

It is through the interaction of the visual artist Stefania Bonatelli with l’Opificio furnishing textile weft and warp that a dreamlike tour has started and brought the artist to imagine the textile as a visual dialog “where from an unclosed capsule an idea takes life and turns into substance, becoming weft and warp and then a precious textile that decors and enriches everyday spaces”. The artist, inspired by the de-construction concept in art, which differently from the deconstructivism in architecture, yearns for a constructive final result, aiming for a reconstruction of the reality gained through a new intellectual logic, explores lines, colours and weft.
It is a work of de-construction of the textile and of its texture, an interference in the patterns as elaboration of what it is and what it could be. Stefania Bonatelli says.”It is a call to look beyond. To move on with our imagination. To apply ideas. Therefore, to move from virtual into real. To make real what we imagine. Almost as make our dreams come through”. The possibility to lose ourselves in an element where tangible and intangible, visible and invisible, real and virtual become form and subject as one. It is this attitude to “look beyond” that convinced l’Opificio, as it is perfectly in line with the company philosophy always open to new elicitations that combine tradition and contemporaneity, craftmanship and technology, aesthetic research and tradition of beauty and furthermore to the desire to look at things from a different perspective as the many possibilities allowed by the different levels of the multifaceted surface of the capsule.
This dialogue between vision and reality will be the focus of the creative path of l’Opificio communication 2021.

Who is Stefania Bonatelli

Born in Turin, she attended and graduated at DAMS academy of the city, where she is currently living and working. After an actor's path, since 2000 she deals with direction and art videos. Due to family issues, she spent her first 15 years in Cali, Colombia, and to these lands she ows her first imprinting. Although she is familiar with the uniform grey of the Po valley's mists, she is more intrigued by the vibrant colours and the scattered vivaciousness of the sunny equatorial deserts, of the snowy summits, of the extreme dryness, of the torrential rains.



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