Textiles, tiles and paints: Summery mood-board

Unexpected color combinations in perfect balance

moodboard estate colori terra

Summer means seaside, not only. Get inspired by the colours of the wild Cotè d’Azur landscape, by the Agay baj with its terracotta shades and the green of the maritime pines.

To decorate your interior with these tones is original and never obvious.

An atmosphere that is completed by the ancestral pattern of the black and white ceramic, the refined sophistication of the brown tile thanks to its materiality or the sense of freshness thanks to the terracotta that reminds of the earth.

The same spirit is found in the selection of textile proposed in the mood-board, apparently simple, like the false unit of Unit, or the materiality of Memo and the finesse of the small pattern of Esteta.

These are jacquard fabrics that, thanks to the chosen shades, they dress sofas and armchairs giving a sense of coolness. Refined textiles meant for an essential interior, which is only apparently a minimalism, rather a balance between full and empty spaces. 

The vibrant aquamarine paint disrupts this routine of colours giving a strong personality to the space.


moodboard estate azzurra

Light bright blue is the key colour of the summer and of this second mood-board. We present a vibrant and cheerful interior that combines different patterns. The tiles, that show an important design define the style and the textiles perfectly match: the elegant Loop, the materiality of Relief, the geometric pattern of Lovely. All is balanced thanks to the intense light blue of the soft cotton velvet. An amazing harmony like for the sky and the sea.

It is a composition that reminds of a refined conviviality, of non-obvious summery interiors, although using a typical colour palette.

And what about the walls? A sophisticated mauve paint, a very refined touch to your interior.



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