The new l’Opificio collection Architrame

Sensing the detail: a three-dimensional narrative of phantom architecture

Architrame is the jacquard fabrics collections resulting from the collaboration of l’Opificio with Studio Lanzavecchia + Wai. It is a collection that enhance the detail and the senses of the detail: rich and inspiring surfaces that dress our houses, surfaces that talk about a three-dimensional narrative alike the story-telling of phantom architecture, whose softness lights the haptic and caressing.


It is a game of perception where each pattern Scale, Torri and Facades, takes the role of a fundamental architectonical sign as a magic lantern screening. A delicate and gentle game of appearance where the knowledgeable use of materials, colours and finishing makes the architectural three-dimensional effect more evident.


Architrame it is a damask for the small patterns of Scale and Torri, with a rich haptic thanks to the knowledgeable finishing that donates the silk effect and it is a lampas in two wefts for Facades, a pattern with larger weft scale.
Scale proposes 10 colour variants, 7 are the ones of Torri and 3 for Facades: from acquamarina to pearl, gold, copper, turquoise up to fire red and black to which you count also Poppy, Tuareg blu and Bruno.





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