The Origin of l’Opificio jacquard Fabrics and Velvets

l’Opificio Fabrics and Velvets for furnishing are the result of a long creative process and a production phase that requires time, an accurate and careful cycle aiming to create unique and precious textiles.

Each l’Opificio velvets and jacquard fabric corresponds to the high quality standards of Made in Italy. From the selection of the best fibres to the entire production process: the complete cycle happens internally.

Talking about fabrics and velvets Made in Italy means to narrate about passion and tradition. The excellence of the Italian textile craftsmanship performs through the experience of our technicians:

The result is refined jacquard fabrics and precious velvets for an intense sensorial experience of the living space.


Producing l’Opificio Fabrics and velvets


Art Direction

The first step for any fabric and velvet collection is the creative phase, expression of culture and savoir-faire, synopsis of knowledge and vision, ability to understand the present time with an open mind to the future.



l’Opificio textile start from the choice of the most precious fibre: silk, linen, cotton, wool, and viscose, natural fibres that breathe and are alive. This first step of the production phase is extremely important, as it will determine the quality of the end product. Choosing not to use formaldehyde underlines the attention we dedicate to the human health and the environment.

italian fibre fabrics



Having chosen the fibres, the following step will be the warping process: an activity that the warpers carry out with the maximum accuracy and attention to detail. The further step is weaving, on different looms, depending if you are producing a jacquard fabric or velvet.

Now we have a fabric or velvet for furnishing.


warping process italian fabrics



The textile piece dye, at this stage, is “bare”, without any colour and will require to rest. Experts will control this phase and all the production process along.

But than creativity is on stage. Our textiles become the canvas on which testing the most brilliant tones…. the choice is between trendy, refined colours, intense or delicate shades, neutral or vivid tones. Also in this phase the most attention is paid to the human health and the environment, not using toxic substances.

Each production phase results from the textile experience of the professionals; this is what makes these fabrics and velvets unique.


Quality check is the last phase of production. Each millimetre of textile is carefully checked: only the perfect ones will be part of l’Opificio interiors.

control quality

Haute Couture

Fabrics and velvets are the heart of our handcrafted creations that complete our offer: decorative cushions, poufs, rugs, curtains and the gorgeous bed accessories.

A precious work that with the time hasn’t changed. A fine process which takes time, made with careful sartorial techniques by expert hands striving for excellence.

Also in this case, quality marks the time as each production phase is properly checked. An accurate control verifying measures, stitching and seams, details for artisan excellence.

This is how l’Opificio creations come to life: perfectly being Made in Italy. Our textiles are totally formaldehyde-free and without any toxic substance often used in the textile companies to better the textile. l’Opificio expertise and our production techniques demonstrate that a textile doesn’t require any chemical additive, even more so if they are dangerous: our textiles are naturally beautiful.

 Start now your exploration of the home textile excellence.

Fully experience the uniqueness of l’Opificio fabrics and velvets.




l opiificio fabrics velvets



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