The velvet: praise to the haptic

Linger with your hand on the velvet…..can you hear its sound? Enjoy its welcoming softness, Plunge in the intensity of its colours.

Velvets are precious textile which softness touches the senses.

Everyday we get in contact with smooth and tough surfaces like glass, plastic and metal, which are synonymous of contemporaneity. Therefore it becomes natural to look for comfort in what surrounds and reminds us of natural softness.

Fashion wise, for example, the super-soft t-shirts, the stretch jeans and the ultra-light down jacket have become part of our daily life - in fact an answer to our research of being embraced/wrapped. At the same time, interiors become more and more intimate and comfortable. 


velluto morbido cotone arredamento

Hence the velvet plays a key role in the interiors, for its inherent characteristics and aesthetic, which communicate a feeling of welcoming. It is a textile known for its comfort and the luxury touch that it donates to each interior, therefore becoming a must-have element.

A chair or a sofa, a curtain or a wall covering in wool-, cotton-, silk- viscose- or mohair velvet will rise as special to the sight and touch. Soft or dense, comfortable and embracing, elegant and refined, velvet is always a sign of style and distinction in an interior.

No other textile is able to give the same comfort as the velvet it is unique. It is impossible to sit on velvet and not feel the sense of density in your hands and notice its unique way of reflecting the light and absorb the colour.

Placing a sofa, a curtain or just a cushion, the effect will be flamboyant, because of the deepness of the colour changing with the light.


Velvet adapts to any interior style: from the richest environment to the most contemporary, being just a touch or used at large, velvet is distinctive. Depending from the typology it characterizes and personalise any space indeed: in the luxury interiors the silk velvet plays an important role, the cotton velvet is exceptional for contemporary spaces, whilst the linen velvet is perfect for vintage interiors, and the kid-mohair velvet–indestructible – is wonderful for sophisticate interiors or refined hospitality environment.



velluto cotone lopificio
velluto lopificio



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