Tour in Turin: discovering the excellence

Turin is a city of art and an industrial city: first capital of Italy it is still nowadays synonymous of excellence and great charm.

cioccolato gobino
museo egizio torino

The Politecnico University, the aerospace Industry, the robotic, the high quality food and wine artisan production and then the perfumes and the jewellery, the fashion and textiles…..

 An area, Turin and Piedmont, rich in hidden beauties that once discovered, will remain unforgettable.

Quality is everywhere: from lifestyle to working-environment. Turin is famous for its understated and industrious character, which doesn’t like to magnify its successes. A city that prefers to let facts talk.

Turin counts a large number of industries known all over the world, used to a daily relationship with foreign markets: ambassador of the Italian lifestyle to the highest level, this area means Italian tradition, quality, arts, art of doing and innovation.

torino costadoro

An region were industries team up as in EBT – Exclusive Brands Torino – that since 2011 promotes internationally  Piedmontese companies of excellence of l’Unione Industriali di Torino, companies with an export range that surmounts 60%.

Who doesn’t know Gobino chocolate, a delight for mouth and sight? Who hasn’t fallowed in love at least once with the Pininfarina design? Or the exclusive jewellery of Maison Mattioli, or the refined knitwear Oscalito or the exclusive perfumes Tonatto? Not to forget the Pepino ice cream or the Cocchi Vermouth, or furthermore the exquisite bed linen Quagliotti.

The lightness of the Lauretana water, the excellence of Pastificio Defilippis, the unmistakable taste of the Costadoro Caffè… 

Furthermore the splendour of the Relaix San Maurizio 1619 placed in the beautiful hilly Piedmontese countryside, a must for tourist from all over the world.

Among the Piedmontese excellences we can’t forget Allure Magazine, internationally renowned, or the B-Building a celebrated study of architecture and design.

From the fashion world, we count CristinaT, synonymous of elegance and refinement.

Last but not least Quercetti, a famous company for educational toys.

In the innovation and technological sector, Piedmont counts companies alike Altec or Nimbus, the first in the aerospace sector the second in the robotic. 

These are some of Piedmontese excellences known all over the world.

l’Opificio is proud to count among these industries that distinguish themselves for innovation, quality and tradition. Companies that evolve, looking at the future with enthusiasm and new ambitions.

Discover the unique atmosphere of this area travelling through the Piedmontese excellences that everybody envy us.





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