Enjoy l’Opificio 2022: VICEVERSA

VICEVERSA collection, designed by Barbara Bertoldo for l’Opificio

Gobelin “DoppioDritto”

VICEVERSA, is the new jacquard fabric designed by Barbara Bertoldo, l’Opificio Art Director.  The idea for the collection springs from an analysis of how things have two sides in nature: light and shadow, stasis and movement, fullness and void.
VICEVERSA, is a DoppioDritto (double-face) Gobelin that is usable on both sides. 

VICEVERSA e VICEVERSA MONET: each side has its own shade and pattern, offering twice the variations, two for each of the 5 available colours.

In addition to doubling the creative possibilities, DoppioDritto (double-face) patterned fabrics make optimal use of materials, allowing reduced consumption of raw materials while maintaining a wide range of variations.

VICEVERSA collection is a contemporary interpretation of the ancient gobelin art.

The skilful use of the gobelin technique we have applied, allowed us to create a “DoppioDritto” pattern that combined with a conscious use of the natural fibres makes Viceversa a smart clever textile


The charming, buoyant pattern lets customers play with nuances and like all l’Opificio collections, VICEVERSA and VICEVERSA MONET are designed to mix harmoniously with the Maison other existing collections.


VICEVERSA | 5 COLOURS | H. 140 cm | Composizione: 46%VI 32%CO 14%LI 8%NY


Who is Barbara Bertoldo


Sensitive, creative, concrete: this is Barbara Bertoldo, the creative director of l'Opificio.

Born in Turin, where she attended the historic Art Institute for Fashion and Costume, she successfully collaborated for a long time with some of the best-known companies in the fashion industry. A personal and professional experience that has formed a woman and a designer irresistible, pragmatic, communicative and with many cultural interests.
Her creations are the expression of an innate sensitivity to beauty and of a constant and careful research that looks at design and fashion.
With humour and an extraordinary personal coherence, her collections seem to play a sophisticated game between similarities and contrasts and are designed to make harmonic and unconventional combinations.



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