A bold collection

l’Opificio has always cultivated the idea that fabrics and velvets for upholstery and interiors must be long-lasting, have a specific style and at the same time be timeless.

It is not a simple combination; thus, you find it perfectly interpreted in the Vision collection here proposed, designed by Barbara Bertoldo, Art Director of the Maison and presented for the first time at Maison & Objet in 2018.

Vision is a jacquard fabric, where the macro-pattern – with an embossed effect - is made with a materic yarn on an iridescent background.
The collection is the result of overlapping various inspirations with the macro-pattern which refers to the nonconformist breakthrough of the ’70 in the world of interiors. The revised use of geometric patterns, of the colour and proportions became the style of the pop culture and of the interiors of those years.
A second level of inspiration is in the chromatic choice. In fact, each colour present in the collection propose a different spirit of style.
The pictures herewith included present at best the chameleonic spirit of the collection that can be used to upholster a sofa, an armchair or a bed creating a storytelling which is always different.
The collection is proposed in 8 colour variants in perfect match with our velvet collections.
In the grey light and dark tones Vision reminds the Harlem Style of New York, whilst in the fuchsia on the blue background version it reminds of the explosion of colours of Frida Kahlo and in the orange or kaki variant it winks to the ’70 years.

Some more technical information
We did say that Vision is a jacquard fabric. This kind of fabric distinguish itself because of the automatic weft used to weave it – which take the name from the inventor – famous because it can weave very complicated patterns. More specifically, Vision is a brocade. How to recognise it? Check it reverse side: the design threads clearly stand out on the fabric and you will notice that the weave does not stretch over the whole fabric, but only partially.



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