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Luxury Velvets Made in Italy


High-quality standard and a long textile tradition characterise l’Opificio Italian velvets collections for furnishing.

Talking about velvets Made in Italy means to tell the history of the prestigious velvets produced with unbelievable care and precious details, loved all over the world by designers, stylist and artists.

The Italian velvets are a symbol of luxury and preciousness.

Thanks to the use of the noblest fibres we propose superb velvets for interiors.


l’Opificio collections propose a rich variety of velvets: silk velvet, linen velvet, cotton velvet, kid-mohair velvet, and fire-retardant velvets.

With more than 200 colour variants, l’Opificio velvets are the best for luxury furnishing and interiors.

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Different Velvet Types

silk velvet

Silk Velvet

l’Opificio Silk Velvet is available in 41 colour variants

The refine elegance of a precious fibre in rich timeless colour tones: to dress the most chic interiors.

cotton velvet

Cotton Velvet

l’Opificio 100% Cotton Velvet proposes 60 brilliant colour variants

Soft and enveloping, it warms the interiors with a stylish bon-ton touch.

kid mohair velvet

Kid Mohair Velvet

l’Opificio kid Mohair Velvet: available in 11 colour tones

Lustre and comfort in every season, best resistance: these are the amazing characteristics of the purest fibre.

linen velvet

Linen Velvet

l'Opificio Linen Velvet proposes a rich colour palette. More than 30 dusty nuances and a refined rusty-chic allure.

viscose velvet

Tech Velvet

l’Opificio Tech velvet: 18 colour variants

A high performance velvet unique in its kind, perfect for Contract and Hospitality

velluto fire retardant

NoFire Velvet

l’Opificio Fire-retardant Velvet proposes 22 colour variants, perfect for contract interiors. The NoFire Velvets are certified Classe 1 Italia.




Velvets characteristics


There are different types of Velvet depending on the fiber used for the construction.

story of velvet
properties velvet

The name velvet derives from Latin vellus, 'fur', with reference to a hair-like cover

The principal characteristic is that it presents a soft thick pile on the front (unified velvet or smooth velvet, cut velvet) or a series of little curls that erase from the weft (curly velvet).

Velvet can be produced with all natural fibres (silk, cotton, linen and wool) and synthetic (mainly polyester, acetate, nylon, viscose). The fibre used and the thickness of the pile determines resistance and softness.

l’Opificio silk velvet is meant for precious textile interiors that can enhance any kind of space.

l’Opificio produce also the cotton velvet, a natural fibre that gives the velvet an opaque look, thus a strong resistance. l'Opificio cotton velvets, thanks to the high quality of the cotton yarn used for the weaving, have a Martindale resistance higher than 100000.

The linen velvet is the result of a long and special finishing processes in order to obtain a final look particularly comfortable starting from a woody fibre. It has an opaque aspect, but it is very robust and allows obtaining very intense colours.

The Viscose Velvet is shiny and bright while the Kid Mohair Velvet is weaved starting from a rare and precious fibre, which allows obtaining a very comfortable, but at the same time solid and fire retardant velvet, always used for armchairs and theatres upholstery.

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Velvets for Alpine Interiors


Velvets best decorate alpine interiors: soft, welcoming and nice to the touch they dress an interior giving a unique and essential comfort.

The Alpine Interior collection by l’Opificio mix and match the best velvets and textiles for cocooning and elegant alpine interiors: all you need for a relaxed time in front of a crackling fireplace surrounded by the peace of a snowy landscape.

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Velvets for Summer Interiors


Our colourful velvets mixed and matched with the refined l’Opificio jacquard fabrics, propose a distinguished, light and vibrant summer interior line.

Those who believe that velvet is perfect only for alpine homes have to change idea. Our velvets are exceptional also in summer, sophisticated and fresh, they will make any interior special and unique.

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The Origin of Velvets


The velvet is one of the most antique and precious textiles for interiors.

In ancient times silk was the preferred fibre to produce the velvet. As a matter of fact silk makes the velvet shiny and precious (in fact in the past it was even enriched with gold or silver leaf).

Only successively it started the use of cotton, linen, wool and mohair, fibres that would make the velvet more resistant. Nowadays it can also be produced a synthetic velvets in polyester, acetate, nylon, viscose.


It is said that that velvets came to life in an unknown place along the legendary Silk Road, probably in the region of Kashmir, between India, Pakistan and China. From here, thanks to the commercial spirit of Arab traders, the velvets reached Europe and specifically Italy. From the XIII century and long after, Italy has been the arrival point for all European countries: Lucca, Genova, Firenze and Venice were the greatest exporters of velvets.


From the XIV through to XVIII, the most famous velvets producers were: Catanzaro, Como, Ferrara, Firenze, Genova,Lucca, Mantova, Milano, Torino and Venice.

Outside Italy, only France was famous for the production of velvets, thanks to Italian Genovese workers that imported the use of Velvets and their production.

In the other countries, the production was rare, and therefore during all the XVIII century Italy supplied all Europe of velvets for garment, furnishing and upholstery.

Velvets have always been used for furnishing in the manors of the nobles. Thus it has inspired famous artists, one of which is the famous Tiziano, who painted it a lot in his portraits.

This prestigious fabric has never lost its allure; in fact it has always been trendy for interiors and fashion. Elegant, thus versatile, nowadays it is the key player in numerous fashion collections of the most all over the world-renowned brands.

Within the furnishing textiles, velvets remains one of the most appreciated fabric, as it ennoble any kind of interiors. Velvet is sensual and intense making any space unique.

Decorating an interior with velvet means that you are looking for perfection and for the supremacy of a precious fabric.

l’Opificio velvets are made of natural fibres, silk velvet, cotton velvet, linen velvet, wool velvet, perfect for any modern interior.

origin of velvets