How to decorate your summery living room

When your living room is dressed with summery colours, you immediately feel like being on holiday.

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The desire is to dress your room with the light and freshness of the season.

The living room is the place of the house mostly used with family and friends, therefore it requires a special attention in the definition of the interior, especially in summer, when the time spent together is even more.

Everlasting summer color are all shades of white.

For those of you who love bright and light spaces, white is a timeless choice: perfect for bespoke light curtains, yet elegant as sofa covers. Minimal and always chic, white brings everybody together. Synonymous of summer and brightness a total white palette plays with the different shades of white depending on the room exposure and accessories.


For a trendy living room, summer 2019 colors of the moment are the greens, the blues and the Living Coral: ideal for turning the house into a cozy and sophisticated interior.


To decorate your living room for the summer, the basic suggestion is to renovate the curtains. Substitute the wintery curtains with light texture in the tones of white. In fact, as for the winter the curtains have to warm a room, in summer is better to chose linen or cotton textiles that filter the light and the free air. It plays in fact the key role in summer: to create bright interiors using the beauty of the natural light. And when it comes to the evening? Lanterns and candle for every special atmosphere.


Among the suggestions to renovate the interior in the summer, it can not be missed to add decorative cushions to your sofa. The winning choice is to mix colors for a bright vivid interior, thus refined, closing high quality products. What about the colors? Those of trend, as for example shows us Carlotta Berta interpreting the splendid palette OceanoMare with l’Opificio cushions: the perfect way to bring the summer into your house.

divano con cuscini colorati
cuscini decorativi per divani

If the living room overlooks a balcony, you can create a unique space just placing a few armchairs decorated in the same style as the living room. In this way balcony and interior will have the same impact and look similar. The balcony will be perfect to enjoy aperitifs or dinners.

Last trendy touch? Decorate your interior and the balcony with beautiful plants: gardening is on vogue, and completes the summery atmosphere.

Discover how to decorate your living room in summer with l´Opificio creations: unique colors and textiles for an unforgettable saison.



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