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6 December 2019

l’Opificio Total Look in Sansicario

l’Opificio textiles play the key role in a Sansicario renovation portrayed in Images

2 December 2019

Lets talk about Linen Velvet

Linen Velvet: a precious and environmental-friendly textile

7 November 2019

Interior inspirations for mountain retreats

How should a mountain interior look, to be perfect? Textiles play a major role to obtain the right atmosphere.

23 October 2019

Textile Design Party

discover a unique boutique in the Gran Madre neighbourhood

9 October 2019

Pouf: a new trend for your interior

Small, colourful, square, round or rectangular, the pouf is the must have of nowadays for an interior with strong personality

17 September 2019

Fancy to discover the Turinese Lifestyle?

Take part to the dedicated Exclusive Brands Torino Tour

1 September 2019

Jacquard Fabrics for interior design: textile discovery

3D Textiles, colour and weft virtuosities that appease each sense: jacquard fabrics have textile textures you can live in, rich in colourful tones and profoundness, in effects and weave.

9 August 2019

How to decorate your summery living room

When your living room is dressed with summery colours, you immediately feel like being on holiday.

1 August 2019

Interior Trends – The colours these days

Colours play a fundamental role in valuing a space, a piece of furniture or a decorative element.

25 July 2019

Have a sit! Ideas for your sofa

Textiles can transform your sofa, making it a beautiful comfortable interior accent.

18 July 2019

Garden cushions: some ideas for decoration

The sunny weather invites to enjoy open spaces with the company of friends, breathing the summery air.

11 July 2019

Bespoke summery curtains: it’s a matter of style

Choosing custom-made curtains to furnish the rooms is a touch of personality and refinement for the home.