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2 June 2020

Jacquard Fabrics and Velvets for Contract

l’Opificio textile proposals for hotel, restaurants and stores

17 May 2020

The Cotton Velvet

A timeless trendy velvet for life

7 April 2020

How to choose the right textile for your sofa

Aesthetic, comfort and resistance.

2 March 2020

Each sofa has its cushion!

A tiny guide on how to use cushions on sofas

7 February 2020

l’Opificio @bludiprussia

The new l’Opificio corner in Rome opens at Bludiprussia boutique

16 January 2020

l’Opificio @Maison&Objet January 2020

l’Opificio partecipa alla edizione di gennaio 2020 di Maison&Objet

13 January 2020

Matteo Tampone “Tampone Process Oxidation on Velvet”

l’Opificio collabora con l’artista e designer torinese Matteo Tampone

27 December 2019

l’Opificio textiles play a key role in the Christmas Edition 2019 by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna

The refined l’Opificio Alpine textile are the fil-rouge of the special Christmas Edition 2019 by Gebrüder Thonet Vienna.

6 December 2019

l’Opificio Total Look in Sansicario

l’Opificio textiles play the key role in a Sansicario renovation portrayed in Images

2 December 2019

Lets talk about Linen Velvet

Linen Velvet: a precious and environmental-friendly textile

7 November 2019

Interior inspirations for mountain retreats

How should a mountain interior look, to be perfect? Textiles play a major role to obtain the right atmosphere.

23 October 2019

Textile Design Party

discover a unique boutique in the Gran Madre neighbourhood