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10 April 2019

Le nuove collezioni l’Opificio 2019: Relief

The new gobelin collection designed by Bruno Tarsia

9 April 2019

The new l’Opificio collection Architrame

Sensing the detail: a three-dimensional narrative of phantom architecture

6 April 2019

Muta1 - Collezione Minima

l’Opificio in collaboration with VelvetLAB

4 April 2019

l’Opificio at Il Salone del Mobile 2019

Exhibiting in the xLux section – Hall 3 Stand F34

23 March 2019

l’Opificio at Milan Design Week: 9th -14th April 2019

Discover the appointments of the l'Opificio during Milan Design Week.

13 March 2019

Tour in Turin: discovering the excellence

Turin is a city of art and an industrial city: first capital of Italy it is still nowadays synonymous of excellence and great charm.

7 March 2019

New Trends: Decorating with colours

This year home décor trend is using colour, nothing more than colours can revolutionise your interior.

28 February 2019

Decorating with Patterns: How to mix different patterns in a living space

How to revolutionize the living area with little secrets of style.

20 February 2019

Dress your Interior with Textile: 2019 Trends

Today textiles, more then ever, play a key role in designing interiors. The winner being the high quality textile Made in Italy that makes any room elegant.

14 February 2019

The Origin of l’Opificio jacquard Fabrics and Velvets

l’Opificio Fabrics and Velvets for furnishing are the result of a long creative process and a production phase that requires time, an accurate and careful cycle aiming to create unique and precious textiles.

7 February 2019

l’Opificio and the Made in Italy value

“Made in Italy” plays a major role among the distinctive values of l’Opificio.

31 January 2019

How to decorate a mountain retreat

To decorate a mountain retreat means to dedicate particular attention to details and research, for a rustic style that creates a unique and welcoming atmosphere.