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25 May 2021

Turin unusual: artist Stefania Bonatelli’s view

Discovering the county town Piedmonts through the eyes of an artist of Turin

18 May 2021

Vintage, re-commerce, preloved: trending green aspects

Offering to family pieces and old collection an alternative and sustainable second life

5 May 2021

Eclectic Architecture and Interiors

a brief history of Eclecticism and of the use of textiles in eclectic interiors

28 April 2021

Exclusive Brands Torino Grows

Six new companies join the network

20 April 2021

The Magic of the Kid Mohair Velvet

l’Opificio Velluto di Kid Mohair: enchanting glamorous refinement

13 April 2021

Sustainability for l’Opificio

Our tangible commitment to protect the planet

7 April 2021

l’Opificio Bespoke Service

Bespoke Home Styling consultancy

29 March 2021

Turning desires into reality

l’Opificio bespoke and interior design services

24 March 2021

Wool: beautiful, precious, natural and sustainable

The perfect yarn for furnishing textile which respect the human being and the environment

17 March 2021

Happy Bday l’Opificio!

“Raggio di colore (2021)” A textile multiple by Paola Anziché to celebrate l’Opificio 23rd Birthday

28 February 2021

Enjoy l’Opificio 2021: Talia

Talia furnishing jacquard fabric collection

14 February 2021

Textile Capsule Tour

Enjoy l’Opificio 2021