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9 August 2019

How to decorate your summery living room

When your living room is dressed with summery colours, you immediately feel like being on holiday.

1 August 2019

Interior Trends – The colours these days

Colours play a fundamental role in valuing a space, a piece of furniture or a decorative element.

25 July 2019

Have a sit! Ideas for your sofa

Textiles can transform your sofa, making it a beautiful comfortable interior accent.

18 July 2019

Garden cushions: some ideas for decoration

The sunny weather invites to enjoy open spaces with the company of friends, breathing the summery air.

11 July 2019

Bespoke summery curtains: it’s a matter of style

Choosing custom-made curtains to furnish the rooms is a touch of personality and refinement for the home.

4 July 2019

Textiles, tiles and paints: Summery mood-board

Unexpected color combinations in perfect balance

20 June 2019

Summertime inspirations

l’Opificio soft furnishing makes your summery interior welcoming and refined

13 June 2019

The velvet: praise to the haptic

Linger with your hand on the velvet…..can you hear its sound? Enjoy its welcoming softness, Plunge in the intensity of its colours.

5 June 2019

Sustainable textiles

Natural wefts = environmental friendly wefts = precious weft

13 April 2019

l’Opificio meets unprogetto

A little bit of fashion in l’Opificio world

12 April 2019


Una nuova percezione degli spazi domestici

11 April 2019

l’Opificio for Wilson & Morris

Decorative paints inspired by l’Opificio new cotton velvet collection